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Mon Jan 2

Today, I finally realized that ever since I was eleven years old, whenever I can’t find something, my first reaction would be to “accio” it in my head. I’ve been doing that for almost 5 years now. MLIA.

Fri Dec 30

Today, I asked my Ipod what song would be played at my funeral. It gave me “Gone So Young.” Thinking this was extremely stupid, I clicked the next song on shuffle and it gave me “Dead and Gone.” then “If I Die Young” Great… Thanks a lot Ipod. MLIA

Tue Dec 27

Today, i got back my last science test, and it counted for a big part of our grade. I finished, i had, for extra luck, drawn a ninja, and wrote, this ninja protects my test from the red pen. When i got it back, there was a B, and a note saying, The pen has taken over my hand, it is making me grade against my will… HELP!!!!! MTLIA(My teachers life is average).

Mon Dec 26

Today, I saw this story: “Today, after weeks of waiting, I decided to re-order my custom-made unicorn Snuggie as it didn’t come in the mail. I then saw my older brother wearing it while on the swing. I’m going to let him keep it. MLIA”. I think i speak for many of us when I ask, where exactly do you order these? MLIA.

Sun Dec 25

Today, I walked into my brothers room and he hid his computer screen. I demanded to see it and he showed me a page about embroidery, needless to say MLIA

Wed Dec 21

Today, while looking at photo albums with a friend I found an “All about you” book which I had filled out at the age of six. One of the questions asked me what my family hobbies were, I had filled out “life”. Then it asked my who my favourite actress was, I filled out “Me”. After It asked me What my favourite movies were, I filled out “The lion king, The lion king 1 and a half, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter” I never thought I did anything cool as a kid until now. MLIA

Tue Dec 20

Today, I read a post that said, “Today, while waiting in line for a roller coaster, I heard a group of people scream, “For Narnia!” while going down the first drop. TLAA.” That was me and my friend. We were hoping someone would notice and put it on here. Thank you for making our lives complete. MLIA

Mon Dec 19

In Topeka,Kansas, it is against the law to scream in a Haunted House. Challenge Accepted. MLIA

Sun Dec 18

Today, after having dinner with a whole group of family friends, on my way back to our car, I bumped into a 3 foot pole that I didn’t notice was there and then proceeded to take two steps further until I banged into another pole and fell over the first one. Meanwhile my sister, who was too busy laughing ran into a tree. Yepp, MLIA.

Sat Dec 17

Today, my one year old woke up from her nap crying. I picked her up, grabbed her sippy cup, and ran through the house yelling “FOR NARNIA!!!”, using her sippy cup as my sword. She laughed hysterically, and now she’s running through the house with my broken hairbrush yell0ing incoherently and then laughing. I have the best daughter EVER. OLIA.